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Benjamin Trinks (born 15 October 1990) is a German actor and a voice actor.

Benjamin Trinks
Benjamin Trinks.jpg
Born (1990-10-15) 15 October 1990 (age 28)
Berlin, Germany
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Benjamin Trinks was born in Berlin. At the age of eight Benjamin Trinks was admitted to the child ensemble at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin where he made his first experiences on stage taking part in various revues. After appearing in music clips for Michael Schanze's variety shows, he came to the attention of TV executives. In 2004 he appeared in his first major television role in the ZDF series "Sabine". Shortly after roles followed in TV shows like: "ZACK" (Sat.1), "" and (KI.KA).

Early in 2007, Trinks played Warrenville in the radio play "a pact, a kiss and softy knee". At the same time he was filming the boarding school series "Schloss Einstein" as Nick, before appearing in the second series of Disney's "Kurze Pause" in April. The third series was shot during the summer of the same year. In addition, Trinks took part in an on-camera master class with Nancy Bishop, a US casting director. He also had a part in the Berlin edition of "Tatort" and the television series "Die Stein".

On 29 November 2007, Trinks was the interview guest of Italian theatre star and singer Mafy on the Italian radio station "radiosound 95". Both appeared in the sitcom "Kurze Pause" in their respective countries. Preciously they had cooperated by presenting the live feed from the London premier of High School Musical 2.

Trinks was cast in the film "The Reader", also starring Ralph Fiennes and Kate Winslet. He also appeared in the short film "Teacher".


Synchronous workEdit

  • 2003: The Village; Rolle: Junge
  • 2004: Hitler in Colour; Rolle: Wolfgang Findeisen
  • 2005: Familie Dr.Kleist; Rolle: Jacob
  • 2005:; Teil 3 Rolle: Rocky
  • 2006: Disneys Weihnachtssong
  • 2006: Titelsong Disneys Kurze Pause
  • 2007: Ein Pakt, ein Kuss und weiche Knie; Rolle: Warrenville
  • 2007: Ferrero Fernsehspot Surprise Visit Rolle: Gastgeber

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