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Benedetto II Zaccaria

Benedetto II Zaccaria (died 1330) was the co-Lord of Chios, as well as many other Aegean islands from 1314 until ca. 1325.

Benedetto II was the cousin of Paleologo Zaccaria, and succeeded him in Chios and other lands in the Aegean Sea together with his brother Martino. Sometime after 1325 the latter forced him to retire, in exchange for a pension. Benedetto asked for help from the Byzantine emperor, Andronikos III Palaiologos. In 1329, Martin was declared deposed and captured by an imperial fleet of 105 ships sent to Chios.

Benedetto was appointed as imperial prefect of the island. However, after he died childless, the island was annexed to the Byzantine Empire. Phocaea was recaptured by the Byzantines in 1334.

Benedetto married Ginevra Doria, daughter of Corrado Doria.


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Preceded by
Lord of Chios
1314–ca. 1325
with Martino Zaccaria (1314–1329)
Succeeded by
Martino Zaccaria