Ben Hur trailer

1942 "Ben-Hur" 1-ton trailer

Ben Hur trailer was the nickname of the World War II U.S. Army Trailer, 1-ton payload, 2-wheel, cargo, and the Trailer, 1-ton payload, 2-wheel, water tank, 250 gallon, or G-518 and G-527 — their respective U.S. Army Ordnance Corps Supply Catalog designations.[1] Specialized variants were also manufactured.[2][3][4]

The one-ton trailers were designed to be towed by vehicles rated ​34-ton and upwards, like the Dodge WC series trucks, as well as ​1 12-ton 4x4 trucks, and ​2 12-ton 6x6 trucks,[4] such as the Chevrolet G506 and the much used GMC CCKW trucks.


The "Ben Hur" 1-ton, 2-wheel cargo-trailer was frequently mated to the Dodge WC series trucks — for jeeps, there was a lighter trailer.
The G-527 watertank version of the Ben hur trailer

The Ben Hur trailer was nicknamed after its major manufacturer, the Ben–Hur Mfg. Co., although there were many other companies that produced it between 1941 and 1945. Its primary purpose was to transport general cargo; the Signal Corps modified it to carry several different generators.[5]


  • K-52 equipped with a PE-95 generator
  • K-63 equipped with a PE-99 generator
  • K-63A equipped with a PE-197 generator
  • V-15 used for the AN/TPQ-2 radar
  • M24 ammunition trailer (used with M15 multiple gun motor carriage, auto 37mm & two .50 BMG)
  • M25 A-load carried a 25KW generator for the tire repair truck
  • M25 B-load carried spares and fuel for the tire repair truck
  • G527 water carrier, nicknamed "water buffalo"


Ben Hur trailer towed by U.S. Army M3 half-track, early 1943
  • Weight (empty): 1300 lb
  • Weight (loaded): 3300 lb off-road; 4300 lb on-road
  • Payload: 2300 lb off-road; 3300 lb on-road
  • Cargo volume: 113 cu ft
  • Length: 145 1/2 in
  • Width: 71 1/8 in
  • Height: 73 in (with canvas top)
  • Axles: 1, with 2 wheels
  • Brakes: hand, parking only

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