Belgrade–Banja Luka

Belgrade Banjaluka is a road bicycle race held annually in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina respectively. It is made up of two stages; Belgrade Banjaluka I and Belgrade Banjaluka II and is organized as a 2.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour.[1][2] First race was organized in 2007.

Belgrade Banjaluka
Race details
RegionSerbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
DisciplineRoad race
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
TypeUCI 2.1
Race directorVladimir Kuvalja
First edition2007 (2007)
Editions15 (as of 2021)
First winner Matej Gnezda (SLO)
Most wins
Most recent Mihkel Räim (EST)


Belgrade Banja Luka started for the first time in 2007, and it has been included in the calendar of the World Cycling Union "UCI" the same year. The race attracted a large number of teams from all over the world, and today it’s a universal event and one of the largest sporting events in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The Belgrade Banja Luka Race is an event of the highest public interest for the promotion of sports in Republika Srpska and Serbia. The race was declared by the Republic of Serbia Government and the Government of the “Republika Srpska” to be an event of the highest importance for the Republika Srpska and Serbia. Small Chronology of Event: 2019: 16 cities and municipalities were involved in the race. Increased number of stages from two (2) to four stages (4)

2018: The race is listed in the first international event category of UCI 2.1, which indicates that today it is ranked with the largest races in the world such as "Tour de France", "Giro d'Italia" ... 2017: A record number of media and broadcasters transmit and report from the Race. A total of 8 broadcasters and 80 journalists from home and abroad. The viewership of the Race was 8% in the country and 4% abroad. The same year the Race was declared as the largest media sporting event. 2016: RTRS broadcasts the race live for the first time. The viewership index was 10% in BiH, which means that the broadcast was watched by over 300,000 people, while the viewership index in the region was 2%, which indicates that the race was followed by 0.5 million people.

2015: A record was broken in the number of participating countries and the number of riders: 190 riders from 30 countries. The race entered the hundred (100) best organized cycling events of all time and it was qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics • 2014: Award for the biggest sports event in Banja Luka. • 2013: Entering the top ten races in the world for 2013. • 2012: Breaking the record of the former Yugoslavia with 182 starters from 25 countries. • 2011: The title of the fastest UCI race in the world in 2011. • 2010: Breaking the live event record for one sporting event, 60,000 people followed the race. • 2009: The race enters the professional category with over 75% of professional teams from all over the world. • 2008: 9 Mayors and 3 Ministers of Sport from Serbia, Republika Srpska and Slovenia attended opening ceremony for the Race.


Belgrade Banjaluka IEdit

Year Country Rider Team
2007   Serbia Žolt Dér P-Nivo
2008   Slovenia Aldo Ino Ilešič Sava
2009   Latvia Normunds Lasis Cycling Club Bourgas
2010   Slovenia Jure Zrimšek Sava
2011   Hungary Krisztian Lovassy Ora Hotels
2012   Slovenia Marko Kump Adria Mobil
2013   Slovakia Michael Kolář Dukla Trenčín–Trek
2014   Slovenia Martin Otoničar Radenska
2015   Slovenia Marko Kump Adria Mobil
2016   Ukraine Vitaliy Buts Kolss BDC Team
2017   Hungary Barnabás Peák Kontent–DKSI

Belgrade Banjaluka IIEdit

Year Country Rider Team
2010   Slovenia Matej Marin Perutnina Ptuj
2011   Croatia Matija Kvasina Loborika Favorit Team
2012   Slovenia Matej Mugerli Adria Mobil
2013   Slovenia Matej Mugerli Adria Mobil
2014   Serbia Ivan Stević Racing Cycles-Kastro Team
2015   Slovenia Andi Bajc Amplatz–BMC
2016   Italy Filippo Fortin GM Europa Ovini
2017   Italy Nicola Gaffurini Sangemini–MG.K Vis

Belgrade Banjaluka UCI 2.1Edit

Year Country Rider Team
2018   Slovenia Gašper Katrašnik Adria Mobil
2019   Poland Paweł Franczak Voster ATS Team
2020   Poland Jakub Kaczmarek Mazowsze Serce Polski
2021   Estonia Mihkel Räim Mazowsze Serce Polski


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