Belgian professional football license

The Belgian professional football license is a license that any team qualified to play in the professional divisions (Belgian First Division A and Belgian First Division B) must have obtained. If a qualified team did not obtain the license, it is relegated to the Belgian First Amateur Division. A similar license is given to clubs in the Belgian First Amateur Division, but it has less requirements.


To be considered a professional club, it must adhere to the following requirements:

  • play in or qualify for the Belgian First Division A or Belgian First Division B;
  • possess of at least 20 players having the status of remunerated player;
  • prove that it is financially healthy and has enough credit to at least get through the next season under normal circumstances;
  • prove that the players' wages are being paid, that debts to the Royal Belgian Football Association have been paid or will be paid, that debts between clubs have been paid or will be paid and that all tax payments have been paid;
  • employ trainers/managers of certified levels;
  • possess of a stadium with the following conditions:
    • its floodlight luminosity is at least 800 lux at the beginning of the second season played in first division;
    • the ground must measure between 64 and 75 m (width) and 105 and 110 m (length);
    • the stadium must be of a capacity of at least 8,000 with minimum 5,000 seats.