Belgian Third Division B

The Belgian Third Division B was one of the two leagues at the third level of the Belgian football league system, the other one being the Belgian Third Division A. This division existed from the 1952–53 until 2015–16 seasons and was played every year with 18 clubs from 2009. Prior to this, the third level in the Belgian football league system was called Promotion and was divided into four leagues of 16 clubs each and prior to the 1931–32 season, the Promotion was divided into three leagues. Due to restructuring, the Third Division was replaced by Belgian Second Amateur Division which plays as three leagues of 16 clubs each from the 2016–17 season.

The final clubsEdit

Club Municipality Province Finishing position 2014–15 season[1]
FCO Beerschot Wilrijk Wilrijk Antwerp 1st of promotion C
K. Berchem Sport Berchem Antwerp 12th
K. Bocholter V.V. Bocholt Limburg 5th
R.F.C. Union Calamine La Calamine Liège 10th
R. Cappellen F.C. Kapellen Antwerp 1st1
R.U. Wallone Ciney Ciney Namur 4th
K. Diegem Sport Machelen Flemish Brabant 14th
K.S.C. Grimbergen Grimbergen Flemish Brabant 15th
R.R.C. Hamoir Hamoir Liège 4th of promotion D2
K.S.K. Hasselt Hasselt Limburg 7th
Hoogstraten VV Hoogstraten Antwerp 8th
R.F.C. de Liège Liège Liège 1st of promotion D
KFC Oosterzonen Oosterwijk Westerlo Antwerp 9th
Tempo Overijse Ternat Flemish Brabant 1st of promotion B
R. Sprimont Comblain Sport Sprimont Liège 2nd
K.V.K. Tienen Tienen Flemish Brabant 13th
R. Wallonia Walhain CG Walhain Walloon Brabant 6th
K.V. Woluwe-Zaventem Zaventem Flemish Brabant 18th of second division

^ — Refused promotion by declining to apply for a remunerative license
^ — R.R.C. Hamoir won in the first round of the Promotion play-off

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