Belgian Fourth Division C

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The Belgian Fourth Division C was one of the four leagues at the fourth level of the Belgian football league system, the other ones being the Belgian Fourth Division A, B and D. This division existed from the 1952-53 to 2015-16 seasons and was played every year with 16 clubs in each league. The league was replaced by Belgian Second Amateur Division.

The final clubsEdit

Club Municipality Province Finishing position 2014–15 season[1]
K. Bilzerse Waltwilder V.V. Bilzen Limburg 10th
K.S.C. City Pirates Merksem Antwerp 4th
K.F.C. Esperanza Pelt Neerpelt Limburg 2nd of Limburg Division One
R.C. Hades Kiewit Limburg 3rd
K.E.S.K. Leopoldsburg Leopoldsburg Limburg 12th
K.F.C. Lille Lille Antwerp 1st of Antwerp Division One
K. Lyra T.S.V. Lier Antwerp 11th
K.F.C. Nijlen Nijlen Antwerp 2nd of Antwerp Division One1
K.F.C. Sint-Lenaarts Brecht Antwerp 9th
Spouwen-Mopertingen Bilzen Limburg 7th
K.V.V. Thes Sport Tessenderlo Tessenderlo Limburg 1st of Limbourg Division One
K.V. Turnhout Turnhout Antwerp 18th of third division B
K.V.V. Vosselaar Vosselaar Antwerp 13th
K.V.K. Wellen Wellen Limburg 8th
K.O.S.C. Wijgmaal Wijgmaal Flemish Brabant 6th of promotion B
K.F.C. Zwarte Leeuw Rijkevorsel Antwerp 6th

^ K.F.C. Nijlen won the Antwerp Division One promotion play-off.

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