Belfast Steamship Company

The Belfast Steamship Company provided shipping services between Belfast in Ireland (later Northern Ireland) and Liverpool in England from 1852 to 1975.[1]

Belfast Steamship Company
SuccessorCoast Lines
Area served
Belfast, Liverpool (England)


The company started life in 1824 as the Liverpool and Belfast Steam Packet Company.[1] operated by Langtry & Herdman. They began a steam ship service from Belfast to Liverpool.[2]

Vessels introduced were as follows:[citation needed]

  • PS Chieftain, 1826
  • PS Corsair, 1827
  • PS Falcon, 1835
  • PS Reindeer, 1838
  • PS Sea-King, 1845
  • PS Blenheim, 1848

About 1830 the Dublin Steam Packet Company began a weekly service in competition.[citation needed] On 31 January 1852 the Liverpool and Belfast Steam Packet Company was registered as The Belfast Steamship Company Ltd.[citation needed] In 1859, it expanded and absorbed the Cork Steamship Company and in 1866 it absorbed the Londonderry Steamboat Company.[citation needed] It was absorbed into Coast Lines in 1919 as a subsidiary company, which was subsequently absorbed into P&O Ferries in 1975.[citation needed]


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