Belfast North (Northern Ireland Parliament constituency)

Belfast North was a borough constituency of the Parliament of Northern Ireland from 1921 to 1929. It returned four MPs, using proportional representation by means of the single transferable vote.

Belfast North
Former Borough Constituency
for the Parliament of Northern Ireland
Belfast North (Northern Ireland Parliament constituency).svg
Belfast North shown within Northern Ireland
Former constituency
Election methodSingle transferable vote


Belfast North was created by the Government of Ireland Act 1920 and contained the Clifton, Duncairn and Shankill wards of the County Borough of Belfast. The House of Commons (Method of Voting and Redistribution of Seats) Act (Northern Ireland) 1929 divided the constituency into four constituencies elected under first past the post: Belfast Clifton, Belfast Duncairn, Belfast Oldpark and Belfast Shankill constituencies.[1]

Second DáilEdit

In May 1921, Dáil Éireann, the parliament of the self-declared Irish Republic run by Sinn Féin, passed a resolution declaring that elections to the House of Commons of Northern Ireland and the House of Commons of Southern Ireland would be used as the election for the Second Dáil.[2] All those elected were on the roll of the Second Dáil, but as no Sinn Féin MP was elected for Belfast North, it was not represented there.[3]


Belfast North was a predominantly Unionist area with considerable pockets of labour strength. It returned four Unionists in 1921, but in 1925, it returned only two official Unionists, plus one independent Unionist and a Labour member.

Members of ParliamentEdit

Election Member
Lloyd Campbell
(Ulster Unionist Party)
Samuel McGuffin
(Ulster Unionist Party)
William Grant
(Ulster Unionist Party)
Robert McKeown
(Ulster Unionist Party)
Tommy Henderson
(Independent Unionist)
Sam Kyle
(Northern Ireland Labour Party)

Election resultsEdit

24 May 1921 General Election: Belfast North (4 seats)
Party Candidate FPv% Count
1 2 3
UUP Lloyd Campbell 32.3 12,875    
UUP Samuel McGuffin 29.1 11,596    
UUP William Grant 15.4 6,148 9,880  
UUP Robert McKeown 8.9 3,562 4,676 8,263
Sinn Féin Michael Carolan 8.1 3,235 3,268 3,275
Nationalist F. P. Harkin 3.8 1,509 1,516 1,519
Independent J. B. Wallace 2.3 926 944 972
Electorate: 43,194   Valid: 39,851   Quota: 7,971   Turnout: 92.3%  
1925 General Election: Belfast North (4 seats)
Party Candidate FPv% Count
1 2 3 4
Ind U Tommy Henderson 30.7 10,306      
UUP William Grant 19.7 6,610 6,934    
NI Labour Sam Kyle 17.6 5,915 7,650    
UUP Lloyd Campbell 16.1 5,421 5,952 6,163 7,026
UUP John William Nixon 12.1 4,068 4,951 5,471 6,021
UUP H. T. Whitaker 3.8 1,276 1,389 1,481  
Electorate: 47,228   Valid: 33,596   Quota: 6,720   Turnout: 71.1%  


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