Bele vrane

The Bele vrane ("White crows") were a Yugoslav vocal-instrumental band, based in Slovenia, that played pop music in the 1960s and 1970s. The brief vocal quartet Ultra 4 is also considered as an extension of the group.

Bele vrane
Cover of the 1968 Presenečenja album of Bele vrane
Cover of the 1968 Presenečenja album of Bele vrane
Background information
OriginYugoslavia (Slovenia)
Years active1968-1971
LabelsHelidon, Jugoton

Their most well-known composition is the 1969 song Na vrhu nebotičnika ("At the top of the skyscrapers"), also known as Mala terasa ("Small terrace"). The song was released at RTV Ljubljana. Music and arrangement by Jure Robežnik, author of the text and poet and playwright Gregor Strniša.

The bandEdit

  • Ditka Haberl - vocals
  • Tatjana Dremelj - vocals
  • Tadej Hrušovar - vocals, guitar
  • Bor Gostiša - vocals
  • Doca Marolt - vocals
  • Sonja Pahor - vocals
  • Ivo Umek - Hammond Organ
  • Boba Bračko - Drums
  • Djuro Penzeš - Bass
  • Miso Gregorin - Drums

Known compositionsEdit

  • Presenečenja ("Surprises")
  • Mesto mladih ("City Youth")
  • Maček v žaklju ("Cat in the bag")
  • Na vrhu nebotičnika ("At the top of the skyscrapers")
  • Mini maxi
  • Horoskop ("Horoscope")
  • Vsi ljudje želimo dečku srečo ("Everyone wants a boy happy")
  • Brez besed ("Speechless")
  • Kam si namenjen (cover of the song Where are You Going to My Love by the group Brotherhood of Man)



  • Presenečenja ("Surprises"), 1968, Helidon
  • Mesto mladih ("City Youth"), 1969, Helidon


  • Veseli vrtuljak/Godišnjica ("Looking forward to the carousel / Anniversary"), 1969, Jugoton
  • Skrivnostna pesem/Hvala vam za vse ("Mysterious song / Thank you for all"), 1970, Helidon
  • Kam si namenjen/Od srca do srca ("What is your quest / From heart to heart"), 1971, Helidon


  • Bestsellers (1967–73) (1997) (RTV Slovenia)
  • Apollo 10 (a compilation of Telstar, 2012) (RTV Slovenia)