Belarusian Patriotic Party

The Belarusian Patriotic Party (Belarusian: Беларуская патрыятычная партыя, romanizedBiełaruskaja patryjatyčnaja partyja, BPP) is a political party in Belarus loyal to President Alexander Lukashenko.[2] Nikolai Ulakhovich is party chairman.[3]

Belarusian Patriotic Party
Белорусская патриотическая партия
Беларуская патрыятычная партыя
AbbreviationBPP (English)
БПП (Russian)
ChairmanNikolai Ulakhovich
FounderAnatoly Barankevich
Founded1994 (1994)
Headquarters38th Building, Myasnikova St, Minsk, Belarus
Membership (2015)1,500
Social conservatism
Political positionFiscal: Centre-left to left-wing
Social: Centre-right to right-wing
National affiliationRKSKPPGA
Colors  Red
House of Representatives
2 / 110
Council of the Republic
0 / 64
Local seats
0 / 18,809


The party was established in 1994,[2] and was initially named the Belarusian Patriotic Movement. The party was originally formed under presidential candidate Alexander Lukashenko.[4] Major General, Honored Pilot of the USSR, Deputy Chairman of the Union of Officers of Belarus Anatoly Barankevich became the leader of the party.

BPM won one seat in the second round of voting in the 1995 parliamentary elections.[5][6] It changed its name to the Belarusian Patriotic Party in 1996.[7]

On August 19, 2000, at a congress, the BPP nominated 16 candidates for the parliamentary elections[8]

When checking the Telegraph correspondent of the offices of parties registered in Belarus, it turned out that the BPP has not been at its address since at least 2009, which does not correspond to the information posted on the official website of the Ministry of Justice of Belarus.[9]

The party nominated Nikolai Ulakhovich as its candidate for the 2015 presidential elections. Ulakhovich finished fourth in a field of four candidates with 1.7% of the vote.

On February 18, 2018, following the results of the elections to the Minsk City Council of Deputies, one of the candidates from the Belarusian Patriotic Party was able to be elected to the local Council of Deputies.[10]

In the summer of 2020, the BPP called on voters to support the candidacy of Alexander Lukashenko in the upcoming presidential elections.

The Belarusian Patriotic Party is allied with the Communist Party of Belarus.[11], cooperates with the Belarusian Exarchate of the ROC and former military organizations.

Ideology and goalsEdit

Assistance in building a socially just society; assistance to the formation of a renewed union of fraternal peoples and, first of all, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine; supporting the president in his efforts to implement the preeminent program and urgent measures to bring Belarus out of the crisis; protection of national interests, honor and dignity of the Fatherland in all spheres.[12] Among the program points of the BPP was even the abolition of the Belovezha Accords.

BPP CouncilEdit

  1. Nikolai Dmitrievich Ulakhovich (born 1951/08/21) - Chairman of the Board of the BPP
  2. Sergey Alexandrovich Poletaev (born 1975/11/14) - Deputy Chairman of the Board of the BPP
  3. Leokadiya Dmitrovna Romeyko (born 1959/01/30) - Deputy Chairman of the Board of the BPP
  4. Grigory Grigorievich Motuzo (born 1962/05/20) - head of the Brest organization
  5. Viktor Nikolaevich Nikolaev (born 1965/05/06) - head of the Vitebsk organization
  6. Sergey Grigorievich Lemeshevsky (born 1970/09/20) - head of the Mogilev organization
  7. Ilya Nikolaevich Ulakhovich (born 1980/12/02) - Head of the Legal Department
  8. Vitaly Aleksandrovich Romeyko (born 1986/10/22) - head of the Kastrychnitski District organization of Minsk

Election resultsEdit

Presidential electionsEdit

Election Candidate First round Second round Result
Votes % Votes %
1994 Endorsed Alexander Lukashenko 2,646,140 44.82% 4,241,026 80.34% Elected  Y
2001 Endorsed Alexander Lukashenko 4,666,680 75.65% Elected  Y
2006 Endorsed Alexander Lukashenko 5,501,249 82.97% Elected  Y
2010 Endorsed Alexander Lukashenko 5,130,557 79.65% Elected  Y
2015 Nikolai Ulakhovich 102,131 1.67% Lost  N
2020 Endorsed Alexander Lukashenko 4,661,075 80.10% Elected  Y

Legislative electionsEdit

Election Leader Performance Rank Government
Votes % +/– Seats +/–
1995 Anatoly Barankevich
1 / 260
New 14th Support
0 / 110
  1   10th Extra-parliamentary
2004 Nikolai Ulakhovich Did not contest Extra-parliamentary
2008 Extra-parliamentary
2012 Extra-parliamentary
2016 111,045 2.16% New
3 / 110
  3   5th Support
2019 75,283 1.43%   0.73
2 / 110
  1   7th Support


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