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The National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus (Belarusian: Нацыянальны алімпійскі камітэт Рэспублікі Беларусь, Russian: Национальный олимпийский комитет Республики Беларусь) is one of many national Olympic committees that make up the International Olympic Committee. Created in 1991, the NOC RB (Belarusian: НОК РБ), is charged with selecting athletes to represent Belarus in the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, enforcing anti-doping laws and promoting sporting activity inside Belarus. The current president of the NOC RB is Victor Lukashenko, the son of the current President of Belarus.

Belarus Olympic Committee
Belarus Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region Belarus
HeadquartersMinsk, Belarus
PresidentHE Mr Viktor Lukashenko
Secretary GeneralMr George Katulin


The NOC RB was established on March 22, 1991, in response to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Until that event, Belarus and the other fourteen Soviet Socialist Republics' Olympic activity were controlled by the Olympic Committee of the USSR, which did not disband until 1992. During that same year, Belarus competed in the 1992 Summer and Winter Olympics as part of the Unified Team. Granted temporary membership in 1992, the NOC RB was not granted full membership until the 101st International Olympic Committee Session in the year 1993. Also in 1993, Vladimir Ryzhenkov, who was at the time the Belarus Minister for Sport and Tourism, was elected to the post of President of the NOC RB. Ryzhenkov held the position until his death in 1996, but was replaced in 1997 with Alexander Lukashenko. In Lukashenko's first speech as NOC RB president, he stated there were no other examples of a head of state serving as a NOC Chairman or President at the same time. From 2005 to 2015 George Katulin served as a secretary general of NOC RB.

In December 2020, the International Olympic Committee sanctioned members of the NOC RB, including Alexander Lukashenko, Viktor Lukashenko and Dzmitry Baskau, for political discrimination against Belarusian athletes.[1]

On August 9, 2021, the Belarus Olympic Committee was added to the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List by the United States Department of the Treasury.[2]

In addition, the presidents of the NOC Alexander and Viktor Lukashenko are under the sanctions of the United States,[3] the European Union,[4] the United Kingdom,[5] Switzerland[6] and Canada,[7] while Dzmitry Baskau, a member of the executive board, is banned from entering Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.[8][9]

Executive BoardEdit

Designation Name
President HE Viktor Lukashenko
Vice-President Dmitri Dovgalenok
Secretary General Polina Golovina
Member Dzmitry Baskau
Andrey Barbashinsky
Aliaksandr Bahdanovich
Aleksandr But-Gusaim
Olena Zubrilova
Liubov Charkashyna
Irina Malevanaya
Denis Muzhzhukhin
Natallia Tsylinskaya

Member federationsEdit

The Belarusian National Federations are the organizations that coordinate all aspects of their individual sports. They are responsible for training, competition and development of their sports. There are currently 36 Olympic Summer and 8 Winter Sport Federations in Belarus.

National Federation Summer or Winter Headquarters
Belarusian Alpine Skiing and Snowboard Federation Winter Minsk
Belarusian Archery Federation Summer Minsk
Belarus Athletic Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Badminton Federation Summer Minsk
Belarus Baseball Association Summer Minsk
Belarusian Basketball Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Biathlon Federation Winter Minsk
Belarusian Boxing Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Canoe Association Summer Minsk
Belarusian Curling Association Winter Minsk
Belarusian Cycling Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Diving Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Equestrian Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Fencing Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Field Hockey Federation Summer Minsk
Football Federation of Belarus Summer Minsk
Belarusian Freestyle Skiing Federation Winter Minsk
Belarusian Golf Association Summer Minsk
Belarusian Gymnastics Association Summer Minsk
Belarusian Handball Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Ice Hockey Association Winter Minsk
Belarusian Judo Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Karate Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Modern Pentathlon Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Mountaineering Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Rowing Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Rugby Federation Summer Minsk
Belarus Sailing Union Summer Minsk
Belarusian Shooting Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Skateboarding Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Skeet Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Ski Union Winter Minsk
Belarusian Skiing Federation Winter Minsk
Belarusian Speed Skating Union Winter Minsk
Belarusian Swimming Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Synchronized Swimming Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Table Tennis Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Taekwondo Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Tennis Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Triathlon Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Volleyball Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Water Polo Federation Summer Minsk
Belarusian Weightlifting Union Summer Minsk
Belarusian Wrestling Federation Summer Minsk

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