Beja State

The Princely State of Beja was a Princely State of India, in present-day Himachal Pradesh, from the 18th century till 15 April 1948. It was ruled by a cadet branch of the Tomara dynasty (Tunwar) with the title of Thakur.[1][dead link]

It is one of the 18 Simla Hill States, situated just below Kasauli to the west and is bordered by Mahlog, Patiala State, Kuthar and the Bharauli tract of Simla District around Sabathu. Beja included 45 villages, over an area of 13 km2 or 5 mi2 with 1,131 subjects. [2]

Beja is one of the original constituent members of the Chamber of Princes, a number of smaller states indirectly represented by 12 princes whom they periodically elected.[3]


Coordinates: 30°56′00″N 77°02′00″E / 30.9333°N 77.0333°E / 30.9333; 77.0333


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