Beit She'an railway station

The Beit She'an railway station (Hebrew: תחנת הרכבת בית שאן) is an Israel Railways terminal situated at the eastern end of the Beit She'anAtlit line, serving Beit She'an and the surrounding communities.[2] It includes a freight rail yard and a passenger station with two side platforms (with the possibility of converting the far side platform to an island platform in the future), connected by a passenger hall located below the platforms. The station is served by 1–2 trains per hour terminating at the Atlit Railway Station via Afula and Haifa.

Beit She'an

תחנת הרכבת בית שאן
Israel Railways
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General information
LocationNorthern entrance to Beit She'an off Highway 71.
Coordinates32°30′58.3″N 35°29′17.9″E / 32.516194°N 35.488306°E / 32.516194; 35.488306Coordinates: 32°30′58.3″N 35°29′17.9″E / 32.516194°N 35.488306°E / 32.516194; 35.488306
Parking294 free spaces (14 handicap)
Bicycle facilities32 spaces
Disabled accessYes
Rank53 out of 68

A railway station first opened at the site in 1904 during the Ottoman era and operated until 1948. With the closure of the Jezreel Valley railway in the late 1940s, the site was abandoned until 2013 when construction began on the new station complex which opened in 2016 as part of the rebuilding effort of the valley line. Some of the original 1904 station buildings can be seen east of the modern station's structure and several have been renovated as part of the new station's construction project. They are accessible using an underground passage located under the eastern end of the station's passenger platforms.

At 120 meters below sea level, Beit She'an railway station is the lowest in the world.

Public transport connectionsEdit

There are seven bus routes that terminate at the station, all of which are operated by Superbus.

Preceding station   Israel Railways Following station
Terminus Beit She'an–Atlit Afula
towards Atlit


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