Beirut Municipal Stadium

Beirut Municipal Stadium (Arabic: ملعب بيروت البلدي‎) is an 18,000 capacity multi-purpose stadium in Beirut, Lebanon.[1] It is currently mostly used for football matches.

Beirut Municipal Stadium
ملعب بيروت البلدي
Municipal Sports Field, Beirut - 1947.png
Beirut Municipal Stadium in 1947
AddressRue Abou Chaker
Coordinates33°52′27″N 35°29′54″E / 33.87405°N 35.498393°E / 33.87405; 35.498393Coordinates: 33°52′27″N 35°29′54″E / 33.87405°N 35.498393°E / 33.87405; 35.498393
Opened1935 (1935)


The stadium was built by the French colonials in 1935. Sika played at the inaugural game of the stadium, with players such as Camille Cordahi and Joseph Nalbandian.[2]


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