Being Cyrus is a 2006 Indian English-language black comedy film directed by Homi Adajania. The film revolves around a dysfunctional Parsi family. The film was originally titled Akoori, a reference to a traditional Parsi scrambled-eggs-like side dish. The film is the directorial debut of Homi Adajania and Saif Ali Khan's first film in English. Upon its release, the film was reported to be released in Hindi dubbed version as well, however the director cancelled the plan.[3]

Being Cyrus
Theatrical release poster
Directed byHomi Adajania
Produced byAmbika Hinduja
Dinesh Vijan
Raman Macker
Munnish Puri
Screenplay byHomi Adajania
Story byKersi Khambatta
StarringSaif Ali Khan
Naseeruddin Shah
Dimple Kapadia
Boman Irani
Simone Singh
Music bySalim-Sulaiman
CinematographyJehangir Chowdhury
Edited byJon Harris
Distributed byTimes Infotainment Media Limited
Release date
  • 8 November 2005 (2005-11-08) (Lyon Asiexpo Film Festival)
  • 24 March 2006 (2006-03-24) (India)
Running time
83 minutes
Budget40 million[1]
Box office64 million[2]


The story is narrated at times from the perspective of Cyrus Mistry.

Dinshaw Sethna (Naseeruddin Shah) is a retired sculptor who lives with his wife Katy (Dimple Kapadia) in Panchgani. Dinshaw's brother Farrokh (Boman Irani), their father Fardoonjee (Honey Chhaya), and Farrokh's wife Tina (Simone Singh) reside in Mumbai.

Cyrus Mistry (Saif Ali Khan), a wanderer hailing from Jamshedpur, arrives at Dishnaw's house one morning. He professes his admiration for Dinshaw's work and asks if he can become a sculpting apprentice. Dinshaw and Katy agree, and soon the young man becomes a part of their life. Katy makes sexual advances towards Cyrus, which he tolerates, while cryptically telling the audience that he is "playing Katy". As time passes Cyrus gets to know the oddball couple better – Dinshaw is an affable, perpetually zoned-out eccentric, while the promiscuous Katy, tired of slow-moving Panchgani life and her marriage, has embarked on an affair with her brother-in-law Farrokh in Mumbai. Katy makes Cyrus her pawn, sending him to Mumbai to visit her father-in-law Fardoonjee, who lives in an extension of Farrokh's flat, with orders to get a stash of money Fardoonjee supposedly has. On meeting Fardoonjee, Cyrus realizes that he is ill-treated by Farrokh. Farrokh's timid young wife, Tina, is unable to be herself except during the few hours Farrokh is at work. She enjoys smoking, loud music and goes to beauty appointments when Farrokh is gone.

Katy convinces Cyrus to murder her father-in-law and Tina, so that she can be with Farrokh. Unknown to Cyrus, Farrokh plans to kill him after the deed to close the loose end. Cyrus arrives at a time when Tina is coincidentally out for a waxing appointment. He feeds Fardoonjee his favorite dish and kills him immediately afterwards. Cyrus implies to the audience that this was a mercy killing, to release Fardoonjee from his wretched life. Farrokh sneaks into the house but Cyrus kills him first. When Katy calls to check on Farrokh, Cyrus picks up the phone and tells her that her plan is in tatters. Cyrus then vanishes.

Katy and Dinshaw are taken by the police for interrogation. She constantly blames Cyrus for the murder, however police find no evidence of any person named Cyrus existing in Panchgani. Katy and Dinshaw are arrested for the murders, while Tina is sent home after being told that she was lucky to be away at that time.

A few months later, Tina is in her bedroom when the door is opened slowly by Cyrus. It appears as if he has come to finish the last murder. Instead, the pair embrace and it is revealed that they are siblings. The murders are shown to be an elaborate plot by Tina to inherit the Sethna property. With Fardoonjee and Farrokh dead, and Katy and Dinshaw in jail, the plan has been successful. While Tina is showering, Cyrus sees a newspaper where Tina has marked another prominent family for this scheme. Unwilling to participate in this murderous game any further, he runs away with the money they stole, leaving Tina behind.



At the 52nd Filmfare Awards held in 2007, Being Cyrus received 7 nominations, all in the technical categories. This was the most number of nominations for a film that did not win any awards. At the 2nd Global Indian Film Awards, the film received 3 nominations; 2 for Adajania and 1 for Kapadia.[4]

Critical receptionEdit

The film received mostly positive reviews from critics. Rajeev Masand rated the film 3 out of 5, praising the performances and story.[5] The Times of India rated the film 3.5 out of 5.[6] Anupama Chopra from India Today termed the film as a "competent, well-crafted debut."[7] Indrani Roy Mitra from rated the film 3 out of 5, terming it as "a unique attempt".[8]

Poonam Joshi from BBC rated the film 3 out of 5, terming it as "The emphasis here is on strong storytelling and riveting visuals, making for a curiously original film."[9]


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