Beijing Sub-Center railway station

Beijing Sub-Center railway station[2] (Chinese: 北京城市副中心站; pinyin: běijīng chéngshì fùzhōngxīn zhàn), also known as Beijingchengshifuzhongxin railway station, New Beijing East railway station, is a railway station in the sub-administrative center area, Tongzhou, Beijing. This integrated transportation hub (ITH) started construction on 30 November 2019 (2019-11-30) to build the largest underground one in Asia opening in late 2024.[3]

Beijing Sub-Center railway station

China Railway
Beijing Subway
Other namesBeijingchengshifuzhongxin railway station
LocationTongyun Subdistrict, Tongzhou District, Beijing
Owned byBeijing-Tianjin-Hebei Intercity Railway Investment Co., Ltd.
Operated byChina Railway China Railway Beijing Group
Platforms6 island, 2 side
ConnectionsBeiyunhe East station[1]
Structure typeunderground
Depth32 metres (105 ft)
Other information
Station code?? (TMIS)
?? (telegram)
?? (pinyin)
Openingaround 31 December 2024 (2024-12-31)
472 thousand (planned)

The total site area of the ITH is 70 hectares (170 acres), with a floorage of 2,230,000 square metres (24,000,000 sq ft) overground. The total investment of the ITH is approximately 42.1 billion RMB.[4]

This station and the ITH are designed by AREP, Beijing General Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute, China Railway Design Corporation, and China Architecture Design Group.[2]

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