Beer in Jordan has existed since its first introduction in the region thousands of years ago in ancient Iraq and ancient Egypt; today the country has several companies producing beer.

Petra beer
Philadelphia beer

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The first brewery in Jordan was the General Investment Company (GIC), which was established in 1955 as a public company called "Jordan Brewery Co. Ltd." In 1958, built the first Amstel beer factory outside the Netherlands, established in Zarqa.[1]

In 1964, GIC introduced Petra, the oldest local brew of Jordan. It is available in 3 different varieties—Lager, Weizen and Amber—and is brewed in Zarqa.[2] Petra is known for its high alcohol content, 8% alcohol by volume (ABV) for regular or 10% for Petra Premium.[3] Amstel remains the most consumed beer in Jordan, followed by Petra.[2][1] Petra is brewed from barley and is made in Zarqa.[2]

In 2010, Jordan's first microbrewery, Carakale Brewery, was established in Fuheis, a predominantly Christian town in the governorate of Balqa.[1][4]

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