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Becicherecu-Mic (also Becicherecul-Mic; German: Klein-Betschkerek, Hungarian: Kisbecskerek; Serbian: Мали Бечкерек or Mali Bečkerek) is a commune in Romania, in Timiș County, Banat, near the city of Timișoara. It is composed of a single village, Becicherecu Mic. It also included Dudeștii Noi village until 2004, when it was split off to form a separate commune.

Becicherecu Mic
Skyline of Becicherecu Mic
Coat of arms of Becicherecu Mic
Coat of arms
Becicherecu Mic is located in Romania
Becicherecu Mic
Becicherecu Mic
Coordinates: 45°50′N 21°3′E / 45.833°N 21.050°E / 45.833; 21.050
Country Romania
CountyROU Timis County CoA.svg Timiș
 • MayorRaimond Rusu (PSD)
46.65 km2 (18.01 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Its name means "Small Becicherec", as opposed to the "Great Becicherec" ("Becicherecu Mare" in Romanian), located in Serbia and renamed Zrenjanin in 1946.

At the end of World War II many of the German inhabitants left the village because of Soviet occupation. The inhabitants traveled through Yugoslavia and Hungary for about 7 weeks to get to Austria on 1 November 1944, or All-Saints Day. The inhabitants were then assigned families to stay with.

Coordinates: 45°50′N 21°03′E / 45.833°N 21.050°E / 45.833; 21.050


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