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Beauty and the Beast is an Australian panel television show that has appeared in numerous versions since the early days of Australian television. The first version began in 1963 on the Seven Network with host Eric Baume as the "Beast". Baume was later replaced by presenters including John Laws, Stuart Wagstaff, Noel Ferrier and Rex Mossop. The original "Beauties" included Maggie Tabberer, Dita Cobb, Ena Harwood (mother of Andrew Harwood), Pat Firman, Patricia Lovell, Hazel Phillips, Noeline Brown and Freda Lesslie.[1]

Beauty and the Beast
Genretalk show
Presented byBeasts:
Seven Network series:
Eric Baume
Stuart Wagstaff
Noel Ferrier
Rex Mossop
Derryn Hinch
Ten Network series:
John Laws
Clive Robertson
Ten & Foxtel:
Stan Zemanek
Doug Mulray
Country of originAustralia
Original language(s)English
Running time60 minutes
Original networkSeven Network series (1963-1970s)
Network Ten (1982-2002)
W (2005-2007)
Picture formatBlack & White (1963-1970s)
PAL (1982-2000)
576i (SDTV) (2001-2005)
Audio formatMono (1963-1970s)
Stereo (1982-2005)
Original release1963 –



Viewers write in asking for advice about personal problems such as family squabbles, questions of social etiquette, marriage problems, contraception, work or career problems. The host of the program - usually an intentionally brusque and outspoken older male - presents each viewer question in turn and a panel of female celebrities provide their advice on the problem and the panel discusses the problem and the advice given offering opinions and views.

In 1982, the format was revived, with two rival versions, both carrying the same title, appearing on different networks. Network Ten's version had John Laws back as host, later replaced by Clive Robertson, whilst the Seven Network version was hosted by Derryn Hinch.

Foxtel-produced versionEdit

A more recent version of the program has run on both Network Ten and Foxtel, hosted by radio broadcaster Stan Zemanek and then by radio broadcaster Doug Mulray. The series ran from 1996–2002, before returning to W exclusively in 2005 after a 3-year hiatus with Stan Zemanek. Zemanek died on 12 July 2007, thus ending the series.

New Zealand versionEdit

It was also an afternoon New Zealand television series made in TVNZ in Dunedin (1976–85), hosted by Selwyn Toogood with four women panelists, including Shona McFarlane and Catherine Tizard (later Governor-General). A show with a similar concept called How's Life? aired in the early 2000s in New Zealand hosted by Charlotte Dawson.

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