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Beautiful Loser is a 2008 film.

Beautiful Loser
Directed byJohn Nolte
Produced bySteven J. Wolfe
Written byJohn Nolte
StarringLenny von Dohlen
Cynthia Gibb
Keith David
Adam Lamberg
Blair Wingo
Music byJames Covell
CinematographyMike Testin
Edited byZack Arnold
Distributed bySneak Preview
Release date
  • 2008 (2008)
Running time
100 min.
CountryUnited States

The film concerns a group of high school buddies before moving the action forward to reveal the characters two decades later. Reggie (Adam Lamberg) is the wild card of this group of friends. Perpetually single and lacking ambition, he is prone to making inappropriate comments to girls. When the object of his affection breaks up with her bad-boyfriend, Reggie clumsily asks for a date. Things almost happen, but not quite, and the promise of a kiss still haunts Reggie (Lenny Von Dohlen) 20 years later. On the other hand, Diego (Giancarlo Carmona) and Bonnie (Caker Folley), dated all through high school. But when Diego went to Mexico to help his family, Bonnie (Cynthia Gibb) lost whatever faith she had in men. Now she's a tough lawyer with a young son and a husband she can't trust (John Schneider). When Diego (Eddie Velez) returns and unexpected emotions surface. Finally, Morgan and Dennice were high school sweethearts who married as teens and are still happy together, but secrets suddenly overwhelm them.



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