Beatrice of Navarre, Duchess of Burgundy

Beatrice of Navarre (1242? – 1295), was Duchess of Burgundy, by marriage to Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy. She was a daughter of Theobald I of Navarre and his third wife Margaret of Bourbon. Her siblings included Theobald II of Navarre and Henry I of Navarre. She is also known as Beatrix of Champagne.

Beatrice of Navarre
Beatrix of Navarra.jpg
Seal of Beatrice
Noble familyHouse of Blois-Campagne
Spouse(s)Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy
Hugh, Viscount of Avallon
Beatrice, Lady of Grignon
Isabella of Burgundy, Queen of Germany
Margaret, Dame de Vitteaux
FatherTheobald I of Navarre
MotherMargaret of Bourbon


Beatrice was married to Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy.[1] Upon the marriage, Beatrice became Duchess of Burgundy.[2]

Beatrice’s son Hugh did not succeed his father because Hugh IV had another son, Robert, by his marriage to Yolande de Dreux. Hugh IV died in 1271 and was succeeded by Robert. After her husband died, Beatrice retired to the château de l'Isle-sur-Serein. She quarrelled with her stepson Robert, and asked for protection from Philip II of France. She also renounced any claim to the succession of her brother in 1273.


Hugh and Beatrice had the following children:


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Beatrice of Navarre, Duchess of Burgundy
Born: 1242 Died: July 1295
Preceded by
Yolande of Dreux
Duchess consort of Burgundy
Succeeded by
Agnes of France