Beatrice of Brabant

Beatrice of Brabant (1225 – 11 November 1288), was a Landgravine consort of Thüringia and a Countess consort of Flanders, married first to Henry Raspe, Landgrave of Thuringia,[1] and later to William II, Count of Flanders.[2]

Beatrice of Brabant
Langravine of Thüringia
Countess of Flanders
Beatrice of Brabant.jpg
Beatrice of Brabant
BuriedCourtray Entrails & Heart
Marquette-lez-Lille tomb
Noble familyReginar
Spouse(s)Henry Raspe, Landgrave of Thuringia
William II, Count of Flanders
FatherHenry II, Duke of Brabant
MotherMarie of Hohenstaufen


Béatrice of Brabant was born in Leuven, the daughter of Henry II, Duke of Brabant, and Marie of Hohenstaufen[3] who was daughter of King Philip of Swabia of the Romans. Béatrice had five siblings, including Duke Henry III, and Marie who was executed for infidelity by her husband, Louis le Sévère.

She married Landgrave Henri le Raspon on 10 March 1241 who had been proclaimed king of Germany by the factions in 1246, but he had not been able to sire a child after three years of marriage to his two previous wives, Elisabeth of Brandenburg (1206-1231) and Gertrude of Babenberg. His marriage to Béatrice also remained childless, and Henry died in 1247 without an heir, leaving the county of Thuringia to his nephew Henry.

In that same year, in November, Beatrice married William III of Flanders but she was widowed again on 6 June 1251 and lived another 37 years. She had no children.

Béatrice was the benefactress of Groeninghe Abbey, in the Kortrijk region of Belgium, she donated to it the statue of Our Lady of Groeninghe, which she is said to have received from Pope Honorius IV in 1285. She also donated the candle of Groeninghe, fashioned from a fragment of the Arras candle, reputed to be miraculous, which she had obtained from the Bishop of Arras the same year.[4]


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Countess consort of Flanders
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