Be Gentle

Be Gentle is a studio album by Filipino singer-actress Nora Aunor, released in 1972 by Alpha Records Corporation in the Philippines in LP format[1] and later released in 1999 in a compilation/ cd format.[2] The album contains 12 tracks among them is the original composition of Danny Holmsen "And God Smiled at Me" which was also the title of Nora Aunor's Award winning movie.

Be Gentle
Studio album by
GenreAdult Contemporary, traditional pop, Classic pop
LabelAlpha Records Corporation (Philippines), Mayon Records
Nora Aunor chronology
Mga Awitin ng Puso
Be Gentle
Christmas Songs
Singles from Be Gentle

Track listingEdit

Side OneEdit

1."Be Gentle"Danny Holmsen03:06
2."Alone Again (Naturally)"Gilbert O'Sullivan03:45
3."Oh My Love"John Lennon, Yoko Ono03:25
4."You Are Everything"Thom Bell, Linda Creed02:40
5."Anticipation"Carly Simon03:15
6."I Made a Mistake"Danny Holmsen02:57

Side TwoEdit

1."Everyday of my Life"R. Morgan, B. Morgan02:55
2."Go My Heart"Danny Holmsen03:16
3."What's the Use of Loving You"Danny Holmsen, H. Ilagan02:40
4."And God Smiled at Me"Danny Holmsen, R. Garcia02:54
5."Gift of Love"Danny Holmsen03:05
6."Mister Cloud"G.Fletcher, D. Fleff03:07

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