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Be Careful with My Heart is a 2012 Philippine daytime television drama which premiered on ABS-CBN's PrimeTanghali noontime block from July 9, 2012 to November 28, 2014 airing before It's Showtime. It is also broadcast worldwide on The Filipino Channel. It is topbilled by Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap. It is one of the most successful teleseryes of ABS-CBN. Due to its immense popularity and critical acclaim, albums, concerts, and worldwide tours were spawned. The show has been aired in regions of Africa, around Asia, the Middle East, and South America.[1][2][3]

Be Careful with My Heart
Title card from June 25 to October 17, 2014
Created byMel Mendoza-del Rosario
Developed byGinny Monteagudo-Ocampo
Written by
  • Denise O'Hara
  • Nika Layson
  • Jimuel dela Cruz
  • Dexter Hemedez
  • Alpha Kristine Fortun
Directed by
Opening theme"Please Be Careful With My Heart" by Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap
ComposerJose Mari Chan
Country of originPhilippines
Original languages
  • Filipino
  • English
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes618
Executive producers
  • Ellen Nicolas Criste
  • Grace Ann Bodegon-Casimsiman
  • Narciso Y. Gulmatico, Jr.
  • Keila Marie Celso
  • Ruchel Covacha
  • Edyl Macy Delos Santos
Production locations
CinematographyNeil Daza
  • Joy Buenaventura
  • Ray-Ann Endaya
  • Shyra Marie Joaquin
  • Billy Joe Karganilla
  • Joseph Nathaniel Lopez
  • Maydelle Marcial
  • Ding Mora
  • Geomar Triño
Running time45 minutes
Production companyGMO Entertainment Unit
Original networkABS-CBN
Picture format
Original releaseJuly 9, 2012 (2012-07-09) –
November 28, 2014 (2014-11-28)

It is the fourth Philippine television series to be shot in high definition format after Rounin, Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin and Budoy.[4][5]

After two successful years, it was first announced on the September 25, 2014 episode of TV Patrol that the series will air its final episode on November 28, 2014.[6] In the Global Kapit-Bisig Day, the show simulcasted on during its last episode, followed by their live farewell broadcast. The Singing Bee and the re-run of hit Japanese anime series Princess Sarah was pre-empted to give way for the one-hour finale, airing from 11:15 am to 12:15 pm.


A simple girl, Maya dela Rosa (Jodi Sta. Maria), her older sister, Cristina Rose, and Cristina's son, Cho, are introduced as tour guides in their hometown of San Nicolas, with their mother running a souvenir shop. Money is often less than the living expenses and household repairs. Cristina Rose hopes to work at sea, while Maya dreams of becoming a flight stewardess. One rainy night, after an attempt to fix the roof, Cristina breaks her leg and is thus unable to complete her schooling to become a seafarer. With a large medical bill, Maya deems it necessary to work overseas for two years to help her family. Upon arrival in Manila, Maya discovers that the woman who had offered work overseas had swindled her. Maya is stuck in Manila with no money or place to go. Relentless, Maya allows no one to stop her, not even the handsome, wealthy widower Richard Lim (Richard Yap), who reminds her of her shortcomings.

Ironically, Richard is her last hope because of his influence in the airline industry. He offers Maya to become his youngest daughter's (who has selective mutism) temporary nanny in exchange for his help. Maya agrees to become a maid and nanny in his household. Upon entering the Lim home, she finds herself involved in the private lives of Richard and his three problematic children: Luke (Jerome Ponce), Nikki (Janella Salvador) and Abby (Mutya Orquia).

Maya realizes that since Richard's wife died, the family's joy died with her; hence their problems. Maya is tasked to bridge Richard to his children and eventually she succeeds in rebuilding the family. However, in repairing their broken hearts, Maya encounters bigger challenges that test her determination and, more importantly, her heart. While fulfilling her obligation, she falls in love with the Lim children and, admittedly, with Richard.

Cast and charactersEdit

Main castEdit

  • Jodi Sta. Maria as Maya dela Rosa-Lim – At 25, Maya is a simple, idealistic provincial girl who dreams of becoming a flight stewardess but in a twist of events ends up becoming a nanny for a wealthy family in Manila. She took the job in exchange of an educational scholarship from her boss, Richard Lim. She is very family-oriented and will do everything to make her family's life in the province comfortable. She has an innocent charm, yet confident, and has a very positive attitude in life. Later in the series, she marries Richard and together they had twins Sky and Sunshine.
  • Richard Yap as Richard "Sir Chief" Lim – He is the owner and president of the famous Lim Aviation Services, an aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul business. Known for being a cold, harsh and strict boss, he has one son and two daughters namely: Luke, Nikki and Abby. A widower of five years since losing his wife Alexandra in a plane crash,[7] he hires Maya to take care of his youngest daughter after she rescues Abby from an incident at the airport. Maya endearingly calls him "Ser Chief." He later becomes a father again to the twins Sky and Sunshine upon marrying Maya.
  • Mutya Orquia as Abigail Ruth "Abby" Lim – The youngest of the three, Abby had difficulty expressing herself when her mother died. Richard has spoiled Abby and she has become overly sensitive when she hears fights and arguments in the family. Richard ultimately decided to have her home schooled because they are afraid of Abby's condition. The Lim Family hired many nannies in the past and no one lasted even a week because of Abby's difficult ways. But when Maya saves her from an accident at the airport, Abby finds an instant ally in the simple girl from Mindoro.
  • Janella Salvador as Nikki "Nik-Nik" Grace Lim – She is the middle child and the spitting-image of her mother. After the death of her mom, Nikki tries to overcompensate for her loss and tries to take charge of her siblings. She always yearns for her father's attention and at first, she has taken a dislike for Maya, Abby's noisy, new nanny. Eventually, she warms up to Maya. She often speaks in Taglish. Later in the series, she develops a crush on her brother's bestfriend, Nicolo.
  • Jerome Ponce[8] as Luke Andrew Lim – When his mom died, Luke became the silent and rebellious eldest child. Aloof as he may seem, he cares for the welfare of his sisters but he tries to hide it if he can.
  • Elisha Delos Santos as Sunshine D. Lim – The youngest daughter of the Lim and Dela Rosa family, and the Twin sister of Sky.
  • Jeo Aquines as Sky D. Lim – The youngest son of the Lim and Dela Rosa family, and the Twin brother of Sunshine.

Supporting castEdit

  • Aiza Seguerra as Cristina Rose "Kute" dela Rosa – Maya's sister, Teresita's daughter and Cho's mother; called Kute – derived from "Kuya" and "Ate". Together with Jeff, they own the Little Pards Chibugan.
  • Sylvia Sanchez as Teresita dela Paz-dela Rosa – Maya and Kute's mother and Mamang's daughter.
  • Lito Pimentel as Arturo dela Rosa – Maya and Kute's father and Teresita's husband.
  • Gloria Sevilla as Felicidad "Manang Fe" Marcelo-Alejo – Richard's nanny when he was young and the head maid of the household. Later married to Mang Anastacio.
  • Divina Valencia as Conchita "Mamang" dela Paz – Kute and Maya's loving grandmother and Teresita's mother.
  • Rosario "Tart" Carlos as Dorina "Doris" Malasig – Sabel's close friend and a maid; later Abby's nanny in the Lim family.
  • Viveika Ravanes as Isabel "Sabel" Fortuna-Lumaque – Doris' close friend and a cook/maid in the Lim family. Later married Jerry the Security Guard.
  • Joan Marie Bugcat as Yaya Lea – A newly added nanny/ maid for the Lim Family.
  • Karen Aiza Alimagno as Magda Dominguez – Kute's childhood best friend.
  • JM Ibañez as Pocholo "Cho" Macavinta – Jeff and Kute's son.
  • Micah Muñoz as Jose Mari "Joma" Adriano – The driver of the Lim family.
  • Nathan Lopez as Emmanuel "Emman" Castro – Maya's friend/roommate.
  • Marlo Mortel as Nicolo Angelo "Mallows" Cortez – Luke's best friend and Nikki's love interest. Nikki calls him "Mallows".
  • Paul Jake Castillo as Simon Gabriel Corpuz – Maya's childhood friend, who used to court her.
  • Shy Carlos as Maria Rosario Jonina "Joni" Quijano – Luke's co-intern at Lim Aviation Services; later became his girlfriend.
  • Jeremiah "Bagito" Roxas as Ron-Ron – Bullied Cho at first; later became friends.
  • Vandolph Quizon as Ramon Lino "Marcelino" – Jeff's cousin, who also works in the karinderia.
  • Kelly Gwayne dela Cruz as Aira Denise Mendoza – Nicolo's best friend.
  • Claire Ruiz as Josephine "Joey" Acosta – Luke's friend/ex-girlfriend. Also the former President of West Teatro in Northwest Hills.
  • Mai-Mai Adriano as Megan – Nikki's classmate/friend.
  • Abigail Francisco Macapagal as Stacy Gutierrez – Nikki's classmate/friend.
  • Arvic Tan as Louie – Luke and Nicolo's friend.
  • Mccoy De Leon as Iñigo Cabanatan – Trouble-maker during high school; later became Luke and Nicolo's friend.
  • AJ Muhlach as Amiel Sebastian – Senior transferee in Nikki's school; later belongs to Luke's tropa.

Recurring castEdit

  • Noel Trinidad as Don Roberto Lim – Richard's father and grandfather to the Lim children.
  • Marissa Delgado as Doña Esmeralda Lim – Richard's mother and grandmother to the Lim children.
  • Carlos "Rusty" Salazar as Mang Anastacio Alejo – Manang Fe's love interest; later became her husband.
  • Tom Rodriguez as Jeff "Pards" Macavinta – Kute's friend and Cho's father; he later left the series (following his transfer to GMA-7 for his role on the then-upcoming drama, My Husband's Lover.)
  • Maricar Reyes as Rafaella "Rafi" Alcantara – Richard's best friend.
  • Assunta de Rossi as Katrina "Ina" Ruiz – Maya's boss who has a crush on Richard.
  • Kalila Aguilos as Liza – Richard's former secretary.
  • Johan Santos as Wilson de Juan – Maya's classmate.
  • Diamond Shen as Jonah – Maya's classmate.
  • Robert Ortega as Fred – Richard's assistant that moved and work to another company.
  • Ya Chang as Engineer Yamaguchi – Richard's employee.
  • Jerico Redrico as Lloyd
  • Pinky Amador as Zenaida Belmonte – Maya's teacher.
  • Cris Villanueva as Atty. Ryan Molina – Richard's friend and attorney.
  • Terence Baylon as Elmer – Driver of a neighboring house near the Lim household. Sabel and Doris have a crush on him.
  • Mark Luz as Engineer Gutierrez
  • Hazel Faith dela Cruz as Edz Viray – A flight attendant and Maya's friend.
  • Chris Bugoy as Bugoy
  • Bryce Viray as Lance
  • Raquel Monteza as Ms. Pacheco - Maya's instructor of Time Airways.
  • Sier Edward Atienza Lao, Jade Gultiano, Pol Aron Casas, Erwin Strydom and Prince Ivan Nacachi as Tropa ni Iñigo – Iñigo's bad influenced friends.
  • Bart Guingona as Charles- one of the Board of Directors of LAS.

Guest castEdit

  • Nick Lizaso as Don Julio Demornay
  • Sunshine Garcia as Stephanie
  • Joyce So as Anna Martinez
  • Dionne Monsanto as Teacher Emy – Abby's home-school teacher.
  • Jed Montero as Teacher May Anne
  • Joy Viado† as Senyang
  • Melai Cantiveros as Yaya Gemma
  • Karen Leslie Dematera as Gina
  • Princess Manzon as Karisa
  • Agatha Tapan as Yaya Melinda
  • Bianca Saldua as Monica – Maya's friend.
  • Cai Cortez as Luisa
  • Meg Imperial as Sarah
  • Andre Tiangco as Airline Purser
  • Jomari Umpa as Pao
  • Yanna Asistio as Angge
  • John Arcilla as Wedding Priest
  • Jose Mari Chan as Wedding Singer
  • Bodjie Pascua as Ramon Francisco
  • Lollie Mara as Norma Melendez
  • Irma Adlawan as Victoria Reyes
  • Leo Rialp as Antonio Garcia
  • Kazel Kinouchi as Georgina Barrel
  • Ketchup Eusebio as Dr. Tim Gonzaga
  • Aleck Bovick as Lucinda Quijano – Joni's mother.
  • Jon Lucas as Michael
  • Jopay Paguia as Thea Lindsay Angeles – Kute's friend.
  • Pamu Pamorada as Clarita
  • Liza Diño as Mercy Selgado
  • Jenny Miller as Betsy
  • Katya Santos as Camille
  • Art Acuña as Interviewer
  • Mark Jayson Bañez as Boris – Pizza Delivery Boy and Doris' love interest.
  • Sunshine Cruz as Alexandra "Alex" Lim – Richard's deceased wife and the mother of Luke, Nikki, and Abby. She died in an airplane crash.
  • Luis Manzano as Capt. James Ventura Jr. – A pilot who works for Time Airways. He is also the son of the CEO of Time Airways.
  • Ina Raymundo as Celeste Madrigal – LAS Former COO and Ralph Madrigal's Wife
  • Regine Tolentino as Corrine Celeste – Maya and Richard's wedding planner.
  • Edward Mendez as Charlie Ramirez – Rafi's boyfriend.
  • Kathryn Bernardo as young Felicidad "Fe" Marcelo
  • Daniel Padilla as young Anastacio Alejo
  • Ping Medina as young Arturo dela Rosa
  • Beauty Gonzalez as young Teresita dela Rosa
  • Jenine Desiderio as Wedding Singer
  • Jose Mari Chan as himself
  • Dante Ponce as Don Fernando

Production and developmentEdit

After ABS-CBN launched the exclusive behind-the-scenes channels for Walang Hanggan and Princess and I, Be Careful With My Heart also aired its exclusive interviews of the cast and crew in the network's website.

Due to public demand, ABS-CBN announced that starting September 15, 2012, an additional time slot of episode reruns will air every Saturday at 10:30 a.m. (PST) called, Be Careful With My Heart: Sabado Recap. However, after its first run, the network decided to air it at 10:00 a.m. instead. It was discontinued on November 16, 2013 to give way for the free TV telecast of NBA games, with the final encore episode showing Sir Chief's proposal to Maya.



The drama's pilot episode garnered a 15.2% nationwide rating, considerably high for a 'orning' drama, and dominated its competitor, GMA7's Chef Boy Logro: Kusina Master which got 8.8% according to data released by Kantar Media.[9] Be Careful with My Heart premiered strongly on July 9, 2012 on the pre-noontime block, and ended in 2014 with a final rating of 19.6%. Be Careful With My Heart's ratings peaked during one of its airings in January 2013, reaching 31.3% nationwide rating, marking the all-time highest rating on daytime Philippine television by any non-sports or non-live show.[10]


On June 18, 2013, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced the 8 entries competing for the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), which includes the Be Careful With My Heart movie. Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap will reprise their roles for the movie, which will premiere on December 25, 2013. The film is said to be the continuation of where the chapter of the series will end shortly before MMFF, by early December 2013.[11][12][13] In several recent interviews and appearances, Yap and Sta. Maria also mentioned that the only time their show will not air on television is during the time that the MMFF movie is being shown in cinemas. The show would however be back on air after the movie to continue the story.[14]

On September 2013, the Be Careful With My Heart movie entry was pulled out from the Metro Manila Film Festival due to schedule conflicts of Yap and Sta. Maria.[15] The head of the MMFF wrote a letter to the producer of the show to bring back the movie and even gave them an extension for the submission of the film.[16] But the production team declined and instead continued the series.

Awards and NominationsEdit

Year Television Award/Critics Award/Category Result
2012 4th FMTM Awards for TV Entertainment "Best Child Performance" (Mutya Orquia) Won
2013 Gawad Tanglaw Awards "Best Ensemble Performance" (Be Careful With My Heart Casts) Won
2013 PMPC Star Awards for Television "Best Daytime-Drama Series" Won
"Best Drama Actor" (Richard Yap) Won
"Best Drama Actress" (Jodi Sta. Maria) Nominated
"Best Drama Supporting Actress" (Sylvia Sanchez) Nominated
"Best Male New TV Personality" (Jerome Ponce) Nominated
"Best Female New TV Personality" (Janella Salvador) Won
2014 GMMSF Box-Office Entertainment Awards "Most Popular Female Child Performer" (Mutya Orquia) Won
2014 PMPC Star Awards for Television "Best Daytime-Drama Series" Won
2014 Face of the Year Award
"Best Foreign Drama Series" Won
"Best Foreign Actress" (Jodi Sta. Maria) Won
"Best Foreign Actor" (Richard Yap) Won


Be Careful With My Heart:
The Album
Soundtrack album by
Various Artists
Released2012 (2012)
GenreOPM pop
LabelStar Music
1."Please Be Careful With My Heart"Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap3:40
2."When You Say Nothing At All"Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap3:41
3."Kaba"Jodi Sta. Maria4:00
4."Torete"Jodi Sta. Maria3:26
5."When You Say Nothing At All"Richard Yap3:42
6."The Way You Look Tonight"Richard Yap3:52
7."Sorry Na, Pwede Ba?"Richard Yap2:47
8."I'll Be There For You"Aiza Seguerra4:17
9."Please Be Careful With My Heart"Sam Milby and Juris4:09

International broadcastEdit

Country Network Title Date
  Vietnam TodayTV VTC7 Trái tim bé bỏng December 23, 2013 (season 1)
October 17, 2014 (season 2)
July 6, 2015 (season 3)
  Malaysia TV3 (Malaysia) Same title as the original
(with Malay language subtitles)
October 7, 2013 - April 9, 2014 (season 1)
April 2, 2015 (season 2)

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