Bayındır is a district of İzmir Province of Turkey and the central town of the district which is situated in the valley of the Küçük Menderes.[3]

Aerial view of Bayındır, Izmir.jpg
Bayındır District within the Province of İzmir
Bayındır District within the Province of İzmir
Bayındır is located in Turkey
Bayındır District within the Province of İzmir
Coordinates: 38°13′09″N 27°38′53″E / 38.21917°N 27.64806°E / 38.21917; 27.64806Coordinates: 38°13′09″N 27°38′53″E / 38.21917°N 27.64806°E / 38.21917; 27.64806
 • MayorMehmet Kertiş (AKP)
 • District540.22 km2 (208.58 sq mi)
 • Urban
 • District
 • District density76/km2 (200/sq mi)


Its name in classical antiquity was Caystrus (Καύστρος), near Smyrna. Its present name derives from Turkish people who in the 11th c. AD settled there; they were members of the Bayındır clan, one of the 24 original Oghuz clans. In 1997, the town population was 18,100. It is connected with İzmir by a branch of the Aydın railway, and has a trade in olives, olive oil, cotton, figs, raisins and tobacco.[3]


The district is crossed by the Torbalı-Tire railway, with a branch to Ödemiş. It is served by regional trains from/to İzmir (Basmane-Ödemiş and Basmane-Tire), and counts the stations of Arıkbaşı, Karpuzlu, Elifli, Furunlu, Bayındır (in the capital town), Yakaköy and Çatal.[4]


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