Battle of the Kondurcha River

The Battle of the Kondurcha River was the first major battle of the Tokhtamysh–Timur war. It took place at the Kondurcha River, in the Bulgar Ulus of the Golden Horde, in what today is Samara Oblast in Russia. Tokhtamysh's cavalry tried to encircle Timur's army from the flanks. However, the Central Asian army withstood the assault, after which its sudden frontal attack put the Horde troops to flight. However, many of the Golden Horde troops escaped to fight again at Terek.

Battle of the Kondurcha River
Part of Tokhtamysh–Timur war
Date18 June 1391
Result Timur victory
Timurid.svg Timurid Empire Golden Horde flag 1339.svgGolden Horde
Commanders and leaders
Muhammad Sultan Mirza
Umar Shaikh Mirza I
Miran Shah
Golden Horde flag 1339.svgTokhtamysh

Timur had previously assisted Tokhtamysh in taking the throne of the White Horde in 1378. In the following years both men grew in power, with Tokhtamysh taking full control of the Golden Horde while Timur expanded his power all over the Middle East. However Timur took Azerbaijan, which Tokhtamysh believed was rightfully Golden Horde territory. He invaded Timurid territory, briefly besieging Samarkand before being chased off by Timur. Timur pursued Tokhtamysh until the latter turned to fight him next to the Kondurcha River.


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