Battle of Zaraysk

In the Battle of Zaraisk, during the Time of Troubles, on April 9, 1608, Colonel Alexander Lisovsky in service of False Dmitry II, defeated the army of Tsar Vasily IV under Zahariya Lyapunov and Ivan Khovansky.

Battle of Zaraisk
Part of Polish–Muscovite War (1605–18)
Camp of False Dmitry II at Tushino
DateApril 9, 1608
Zaraisk near Moscow
Result Victory for False Dmitry II
False Dmitry II Muscovite Tsardom
Commanders and leaders
Alexander Lisowsky Zahari Lyapunov
Ivan Khovansky
1.500 Cossacks and Lithuanians Several thousand from Ryazan, 250 cavalry from Arzamas
Casualties and losses
Light Heavy


Zaraysk was occupied without a fight by Lisovsky detachments (1500 Cossacks: "Lithuanian people and Russian thieves"), as the city Cossacks surrendered the city and swore to the Pretender.[1]


To suppress the insurrection, an army from Ryazan land came out, to which 250 elite Arzamas warriors joined. The government army carelessly besieged the fort (with no guards appointed), and the sudden sally of Lisovsky's men from the Zaraisk Kremlin scattered them with little resistance.[2]


After the victory at Zaraisk, Lisovskiy swiftly captured Kolomna, where he captured many heavy guns. His army was strengthened by the remnants of former Bolotnikovites. However, the detachment of Lisovsky, heavily burdened by the convoy, was defeated by the Tsar's army at Medvezhiy Brod.


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