Battle of Wisternitz

The Battle of Wisternitz or Dolní Věstonice was fought on August 5, 1619 between a Moravian force under Friedrich von Tiefenbach (Teuffenbach)[1] and an Austrian army under de:Heinrich von Dampierre. The battle was a Moravian victory. The battle is part of the Thirty Years' War.

Battle of Wisternitz
Part of the Thirty Years' War
DateAugust 5, 1619
Result Bohemian victory
Bohemia Bohemia  Holy Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Friedrich von Tiefenbach(Teuffenbach) Ladislav Velen ze Žerotína Heinrich von Dampierre [de]
3,500 8,000-12,000
Casualties and losses
700 6,000

Budweis (České Budějovice) was one of the three towns which remained loyal to the Austrian emperor when Bohemia revolted. After the Austrian victory at Sablat, the Bohemians were forced to raise the siege of České Budějovice. On 15 June 1619, Georg Friedrich of Hohenlohe-Neuenstein-Weikersheim retreated to Soběslav where he awaited reinforcement by Count Heinrich Matthias von Thurn.

After taking control of the strong places of southern Bohemia, emperor Ferdinand II sent a force under Dampierre to Moravia, which had chosen the side of the Bohemian rebels. However, Dampierre was defeated at Dolní Věstonice (German: Wisternitz) by Moravian forces under von Tiefenbach (brother of Rudolf von Tiefenbach) and Ladislav Velen ze Žerotína in August 1619, which left Moravia in the Bohemian camp.



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Coordinates: 48°53′46″N 16°38′55″E / 48.89611°N 16.64861°E / 48.89611; 16.64861