Battle of Villmanstrand

The battle of Villmanstrand was fought during the Russo-Swedish War on 3 September 1741,[1] when Russian forces of 10,000 men, under the command of General Peter von Lacy, assaulted Villmanstrand (Finnish: Lappeenranta). Fighting began around 2 pm but the Swedes withdrew already at 5 pm. Swedish casualties amounted to 3,300[1] men killed and wounded with another 1,300[1] taken prisoner, among them General Carl Henrik Wrangel. Russia lost 2,400 men.[1] Von Lacy did not continue his movement after the battle. Henrik Magnus Buddenbrock was executed for his perceived incompetency.

Russo-Swedish War (1741–1743)
Date23 August 1741
Villmanstrand, Sweden (present-day Lappeenranta, Finland).
Result Russian victory
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden Flag of Russia.svg Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Carl Henrik Wrangel  (POW) Peter von Lacy
4,000 men 10,000 men
Casualties and losses
2,000 dead and wounded
1,000 captured
500-800 dead, 1 500 wounded
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