Battle of Tragh-Bhaile

The Battle of Tragh-Bhaile[1] was fought in Ireland in 1399 between the forces of Henry O'Neill's sons and the Anglo-Irish. The Anglo-Irish were victorious.

Battle of Tragh-Bhaile
Dundalk, Ireland
54°00′32″N 6°24′18″W / 54.009°N 6.4049°W / 54.009; -6.4049Coordinates: 54°00′32″N 6°24′18″W / 54.009°N 6.4049°W / 54.009; -6.4049
Result Anglo-Irish victory
Anglo-Irish O'Neill
Commanders and leaders
Domhall mac Enri

The O'Neill forces, led by Domhall mac Enri of Tyrone, attacked the English at Tragh-Baile (Dundalk, County Louth), but were repulsed. Domhall was captured and sent to England.[2]

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