Battle of Tololing

The Battle of Tololing was a pivotal battle in the Kargil War between India's 2nd Rajputana Rifles's and troops from one full bn of Pakistan’s Northern Light Infantry who were aided by Pakistani irregulars in 1999.

Battle of Tololing
Part of the Kargil War
DateMay–June 1999
Location34°27′51″N 75°47′45″E / 34.46417°N 75.79583°E / 34.46417; 75.79583
Result Indian victory[1][2]
 India  Pakistan
Commanders and leaders
Colonel Magod Basappa RavindranathMajor Padmapani Acharya 
Major Rajesh Adhikari 
Major Vivek Gupta 
Major Mohit Saxena
Major Anwar Khan
Units involved

 Indian Army

 Pakistan Army

Casualties and losses
23 Killed; 70 Wounded Approx 30 NLI, and 95 mujhadin
Tololing near the Line of Control

The Tololing peak is a dominant position overlooking the Srinagar - Leh Highway (NH 1D), which is a vital link. Much of the Indian Army losses had to do with the nature of the terrain as World War I style frontal charges had to be mounted to reclaim the peaks to dislodge the intruders. The three-week assault finally culminated with India taking control of the peak and changing the course of the war.

Major Rajesh Adhikari (posthumously), Major Vivek Gupta (posthumously), Major Padmapani Acharya (posthumously) and Havildar Digendra Kumar were awarded the Maha Vir Chakra, India's second highest military honour for their daring actions on the peak. Col Ravindranath and Captain Vijayant Thappar were awarded Vir Chakra.

In popular cultureEdit

Turning Point at Tololing, a feature documentary hosted by Maj Gen G. D. Bakshi, aired on the Indian television channel Epic TV. It details the political and military background and course of the battle.[3]


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Coordinates: 34°27′51″N 75°47′45″E / 34.46417°N 75.79583°E / 34.46417; 75.79583