Battle of Thanesar (1710)

The Battle of Thanesar (1710) was one among a series of battles fought between Firuz Khan Mewati and Binod Singh as he was ordered by the Mughal Imperial government to chastise the Sikh rebellion. It resulted in a victory for the Mughals as Firuz Khan Mewati cleared Thanesar, in northern India.[2]

Battle of Thanesar (1710)
Date13th November 1710
Result Mughal Victory
Alam of the Mughal Empire.svg Mughals Punjab flag.svg Khalsa
Commanders and leaders
  • Firuz Khan Mewati
  • Sayyid Wajib-ud-din Khan Barha
  • Binod Singh
  • Ram Singh [1]
  • AftermathEdit

    Firuz Khan after clearing Thanesar would move onto Shahabad, ten miles further to the north, which was also taken. Therefore, Firuz Khan won all four engagements with Binod Singh. Hundreds of Sikhs who were made prisoner were strung up by Firuz to the road-side trees, their long hair being twisted to perform the office of a rope. Firuz Khan was awarded the Faujdari of Sirhind.


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