Battle of Taif (1916)

The Battle of Taif was fought between Ottoman forces and Syed Hussien bin Ali Sharif of Mecca in 1916. The Ottoman Army was in Taif, with Syed's forces besieging the city and after many weeks siege and fiercest struggle Syed's forces were able to capture the Taif. After the fall of Mecca in July 1916 the fall of Taif was a major blow for Turks who were fighting in First World War against Britain. The British helped Syed Hussien's bin Ali's Forces by providing them with guns.

Battle of Taif
Part of the Arab Revolt of the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I
Date10 June – September 23, 1916
Result Allied victory
Arab Revolt Kingdom of Hejaz
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland United Kingdom
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Arab Revolt Abdullah bin Hussein
Arab Revolt Faajir bin Sheliweh al-'Atawi
Ottoman Empire Ahmed Tevfik Pasha
supported by British-supplied artillery[1]
1,200[2]-3,000[1] (military and civilian inhabitants)[2]
Casualties and losses
Most surrendered


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Coordinates: 21°16′N 40°25′E / 21.267°N 40.417°E / 21.267; 40.417