Battle of Tabfarilla

The battle of Tabfarilla was a military conflict between the Lamtuna and the Godala. Both of them Berber Sanhaja desert tribes and one time allies, the Lamtuna formed the core of the Almoravids after the Godala broke away. The almoravid emir Yahya ibn Umar al-Lamtuni was sent against the Godala.[1]

Battle of Tabfarilla
Date21 March to 19 Abril 1056
Tabfarilla, near Azougui, present day Mauritania
21°3′N 13°6′W / 21.050°N 13.100°W / 21.050; -13.100Coordinates: 21°3′N 13°6′W / 21.050°N 13.100°W / 21.050; -13.100
Commanders and leaders
Yahya ibn Umar al-Lamtuni  
Battle of Tabfarilla is located in Mauritania
Battle of Tabfarilla
Location of the battle of Tabfarilla

The battle took place between 21 March and 19 April of 448 AH/1056 AD at a spot called Tabfarilla near Azougui in present-day central Mauritania. The Almoravids, although reinforced by the Takrurs, were defeated and Yahya Ibn Omar fell in the battlefield.[2]

The geographer Abu Abdullah al-Bakri relates in his Book of Roads and Kingdoms a legend indicating that the battlefield of Tabfarilla was haunted by the calls of ghostly muezzin frightening looters.


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