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The Battle of Sholinghur was fought on 27 September 1781 at Sholinghur, 80 kilometres (50 mi) West of Chennai (Madras), between forces of the Kingdom of Mysore led by Hyder Ali and East India Company forces led by General Eyre Coote. Haider Ali's forces were surprised by the company forces and they were expelled from the Carnatic with heavy casualties.[1][2]

Battle of Sholinghur
Part of the Second Anglo-Mysore War
The British Army encamped below the rock of Sholingarh.jpg
1781 watercolor showing British Army encamped at Sholinghur
Date27 September 1781
Result Company victory
East India Company Kingdom of Mysore
Commanders and leaders
Eyre Coote Hyder Ali

A battle honour, "Sholinghur", was awarded vide Gazette of India No 378 of 1889, which was awarded to fifteen units, seven of which are still in existence today. The battle honour is considered repugnant.[1]


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