Battle of Rajgród

The Battle of Rajgród was a battle fought on 29 May 1831 between Poland and Imperial Russia, during the November Uprising. The Poles, according to some accounts, were victorious.[1]

Battle of Rajgród
Part of Polish-Russian War 1830-1831
Charge of Poznań Cavalery during November Uprising.JPG
Charge of the Poznan Cavalry during the Battle of Rajgrod by Juliusz Kossak
Date29 May 1831
Result Polish victory
Poland Poland Russia Imperial Russia
Commanders and leaders
Poland Antoni Giełgud Russia Fabian von Osten-Sacken
12,000 men, 10 cannons 5,800 men, 14 cannons
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown


Due to the Polish expedition against the Russian guards in the area led by Antanas Gelgaudas failing near Łomża, a retreat was ordered to Rajgród, where they would encounter the Russians, which had a force of 5,800 men.

After the Battle of Ostrołęka Gelgaudas' force planned a march on Lithuania, which also included the city as part of the route.


Both forces met, and as the guards started a fight Atantanas' vanguard near the village of Miecze, they were attacked during a march and forced to retreat to Rajgród, which they were pushed out of and lost the battle, which resulted in 800 casualties and 1,200 prisoners of war.[1]

This victory was an important strategic move for the Poles, as the Russians gave them an open way to Lithuania, where there was an active partisan movement since February.


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