Battle of Potrero Obella

The Battle of Potrero Obella was a battle between a Paraguayan Army of 300 against 5,000 Brazilians. Although the Paraguayans took heavy losses, they inflicted 395 casualties (85 killed, 310 wounded) on the Brazilians.

Battle of Potrero Obella
Part of the Paraguayan War
DateOctober 28, 1867
Potrero Obella, Paraguay
Result Brazilian victory
Commanders and leaders
Paraguay Cap. José González Empire of Brazil Mena Barreto
300 soldiers[1]: 75  5,000 soldiers[1]: 75 
Casualties and losses
143 casualties, 56 captured[1]: 75  9 officers and 76 soldiers killed
23 officers and 287 soldiers wounded[1]: 75 

Brazilian Gen. Barreto was sent from Villa del Pillar to capture Tayi on the River Paraguay, and Potrero Ovello on 27 October 1867. This would enable a Brazilian blockade of the Paraguayan garrisons. After their defeat on 28 Oct., the surviving Paraguayans made their way back to Humaita.[1]: 75 


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