Battle of Naxos

At the Battle of Naxos (376 BC) the new Athenian fleet of Chabrias decisively defeated the Spartans. This was the beginning of Athens's recovery of its Aegean hegemony following its loss in the Peloponnesian War. The victory was decided by Phocion's courageous and skillful action on the left wing.[1] In western waters another great Athenian commander, Timotheus, won the battle of Alyzia against Sparta in 374 BC.[2]

Battle of Naxos
Part of the Boeotian War
Naxos Azalas.JPG
Azalas bay, and islet Snt Nicolas, east coast of Naxos
Date376 BC
LocationCoordinates: 37°06′25″N 25°22′32″E / 37.106821°N 25.375576°E / 37.106821; 25.375576
Result Athenian Victory
Classical Athens Sparta
Commanders and leaders
Chabrias Unknown
Naxos is located in The Aegean Sea area
Location within The Aegean Sea area


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