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The Battle of Manilla (1500s) (Filipino: Labanan sa Maynila) was fought in Manila[citation needed] between forces of the Kingdom of Tondo[citation needed] led by their Senapati,[citation needed] Lakan Sukwo,[citation needed] and the soldiers of the Sultanate of Brunei[citation needed] led by Sultan Bolkiah, the singing captain. The aftermath of the battle was the formation of an alliance[citation needed] between the newly established Kingdom of Maynila (Selurong) and the Sultanate of Brunei, to crush the power of the Kingdom of Tondo[citation needed] and the subsequent installation of the Pro-Islamic Rajah Sulaiman into power.[citation needed] Furthermore, Sultan Bolkiah's victory over Sulu and Seludong (modern day Manila),[1] as well as his marriages to Laila Mecanai, the daughter of Sulu Sultan Amir Ul-Ombra (an uncle of Sharifa Mahandun married to Nakhoda Angging or Maharaja Anddin of Sulu), and to the daughter of Datu Kemin, widened Brunei's influence in the Philippines.[2][failed verification]

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