Battle of Macao Fort

Battle of Macao Fort
Part of the Second Opium War
Plan of Boat Action, 4 Jan 1857.jpg
Map of the battle
Date4 January 1857
23°4′12″N 113°15′29″E / 23.07000°N 113.25806°E / 23.07000; 113.25806
Result British victory
 United Kingdom Qing China
Commanders and leaders
Michael Seymour Ye Mingchen
4 sloops
3 pinnaces
1 gig
1 cutter
70+ junks[1] (many armed with stinkpots)
30+ row boats
Casualties and losses
1 killed[2]
6 wounded[3]

The Battle of Macao Fort was fought between British and Chinese forces in the Pearl River, Guangdong, China on 4 January 1857 during the Second Opium War. Macao Fort was located on an islet about 3 miles (4.8 kilometres) south of Canton (Guangzhou).



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