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The Battle of Leuven was fought in September 891 between the Franks and the Vikings, essentially ending the Viking invasions in the Low countries. The existence of this battle is known due to the Annales Fuldenses.

Battle of Leuven
LocationLeuven, part of the Eastern Francia (situated in modern day Flanders, Belgium)
Result Victory for the Franks
Deterred new large Viking raids in the contemporary Low Countries
(Danish) Vikings (Eastern) Franks
Commanders and leaders
Arnulf of Carinthia

The battleEdit

The Frankish force was led by Arnulf of Carinthia. The Franks successfully repelled the Viking assault and it is reported that the bodies of dead Northmen blocked the run of the river (ita ut cadaveribus interceptum alveum amnis siccum appareret).

After the success, Arnulf built a castle on a small island in the Dijle River.

The Annales Fuldenses, the source that mentions this battle is the first source that mentions the city of Leuven (French: Louvain), which was at that time called Loven.

The battle is also mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.