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The Battle of Kup was fought on 5 February 1762 between the Afghan forces of Ahmad Shah Durrani and the Sikhs.[1] In a fresh Afghan invasion of the upper Punjab, Ahmad Shah Durrani with his 30,000 Soldiers reached Malerkotla, west of Sirhind, then attacked a 50,000- Sikh army. In one of their worst defeats—known as Ghallaghurga (Bloody Carnage)—the Sikhs lost perhaps 15-20,000+. The Afghan forces of Ahmad Shah Durrani came out victorious.[2]

Battle of Kup
Part of Indian Campaign of Ahmad Shah Durrani
Date5 February 1762[1]
Result Afghan victory[2]
Kattar Dhal Talwar.jpg Sikh Confederacy Flag of the Abdali Afghan Tribes.jpeg Durrani Empire
Commanders and leaders
Jassa Singh Ahluwalia Ahmad Shah Durrani
50,000[2] 30,000[citation needed]
Casualties and losses
20,000[2] unknown


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