Battle of Kilometer 7

The Battle of Kilometer 7 occurred during the Chaco War between Bolivian forces commanded by Lt Col Bernardino Bilbao Rioja defending Fort Saavedra and Paraguayan forces under Col José Félix Estigarribia, from 7 November 1932 to February 1933, and ended with a Paraguayan retreat to the northeast towards Gondra, later to be the site of the Battle of Campo Jordán. The Paraguayan initiative, which had belonged to the Paraguayans since the beginning of the siege of Boquerón passed to the Bolivian army until the Second Battle of Nanawa in July.

Battle of Kilometer 7 (Batalla de Kilómetro 7)
Part of the Chaco War
Teatro operaciones ofensiva 1933.jpg
Bolivian offensive, early 1933
Date7 November 1932 - February 1933
Location23°25′10″S 60°00′50″W / 23.419444°S 60.013889°W / -23.419444; -60.013889
Result Bolivian victory
Bolivia Republic of Bolivia Paraguay Republic of Paraguay
Commanders and leaders
Bernardino Bilbao Rioja José Félix Estigarribia
1,200 (November 1932) 3,000 (February 1933) 900 (November 1932) 15,000 (December 1932) 3,000 (February 1933)
Battle of Kilometer 7 is located in Paraguay
Battle of Kilometer 7
Location within Paraguay


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Coordinates: 23°25′10″S 60°0′50″W / 23.41944°S 60.01389°W / -23.41944; -60.01389