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The Battle of Kampot was a major battle of the Vietnam War, also a part of the Cambodian Civil War. From February 26 to April 2, 1974, Cambodian government troops battled Khmer Rouge guerillas for the control of Kampot city.

Battle of Kampot
Part of Vietnam War/Cambodian Civil War
DateFebruary 26 – April 2, 1974
Result Khmer Rouge victory
 Khmer Republic Cambodia Khmer Rouge
Commanders and leaders
Cambodia Gen. Mhoul Khleng Cambodia Ta Mok
1,500+ ???
Casualties and losses
158 KIA
828 wounded
282 KIA
3 captured

The Battle of KampotEdit

The Khmer Rouge commenced their attack north of Kampot on February 26, pounding the city with 107mm rockets and 120mm mortars.

During the first week of fighting, elements of the Cambodian Army 12th and 68th Brigades abandoned their positions, while the 210th and 68th Battalions were deactivated after 300 soldiers deserted during the first day of the enemy onslaught. The desertions allowed the Khmer Rouge to capture the city water works, as a result, half of Kampot's inhabitants fled the city due to the dwindling water supply.

With support from the navy, air force and artillery units, the 12th and 20th Brigades of the Cambodian army counter-attacked the north-east. Rather than advance, the Cambodian government units developed a defensive posture as the Khmer Rouge's positions were strengthened. Between March 2-March 10 Kampot was further reinforced with six 105mm artillery pieces and two more battalions. On April 3, government defensive positions near Kampot airfield were abandoned after the Khmer Rouge completely isolated it.


Despite the Cambodian Army's heavy resistance, the Khmer Rouge eventually captured the city of Kampot on April 2. Both sides suffered heavy casualties during the fighting but many more civilians were rendered homeless. After the fall of Kampot, the Khmer Rouge launched another offensive to capture Oudong.

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