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The Battle of Harnaulgarh was fought between Durrani Empire and Sikh Misls of Dal Khalsa in 1762.

Battle of Harnaulgarh
Part of Indian Campaign of Ahmad Shah Durrani
Harnaulgarh, 30 miles from Sirhind
Result Decisive Sikh victory[1]
Nishan Sahib.svg Sikh Misls Flag of the Abdali Afghan Tribes.jpeg Durrani Empire
Commanders and leaders
  • Ahmad Shah Durrani
  • Zain Khan Sirhindi
  • The battleEdit

    Sikhs assembled in May 1762 and plundered the baggage of Zain Khan Sirhindi[2][3] and looted his Hindu Diwan, Lacchmi Narayan. The Sikh forces fought a severe battle with Durranis at Harnaulgarh, a place 30 miles from Sirhind. The Sikhs secured victory at Harnaulgarh and the defeated governor of Sirhind was to pay tribute as a penalty for the loss.


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