Battle of Haarlemmermeer

Coordinates: 52°22′33″N 4°40′59″E / 52.37583°N 4.68306°E / 52.37583; 4.68306

The Battle of Haarlemmermeer was a naval engagement fought on 26 May 1573, during the early stages of the Dutch War of Independence. It was fought on the waters of the Haarlemmermeer – a large lake which at the time was a prominent feature of North Holland (it would be drained in the 19th century).

Battle of Haarlemmermeer
Part of the Eighty Years' War
Vroom Hendrick Cornelisz Battle of Haarlemmermeer.jpg
Battle of Haarlemmermeer circa 1621 by Hendrick Cornelisz Vroom, oil on canvas. Rijksmuseum.
Date26 May 1573
(present-day the Netherlands)
Result Spanish victory
Dutch Republic Geuzen  Spain
Commanders and leaders
Marinus Brandt Count of Bossu
150 warships[2][3] 100 warships[2][3]
Casualties and losses
21 ships captured[2] Low

A Spanish fleet and a fleet belonging to the city of Amsterdam (at the time still loyal to Spain),[1] commanded by the Count of Bossu, fought a fleet of rebellious Dutch Geuzen, commanded by Marinus Brandt, who were trying to break the siege of Haarlem. After several hours of fighting, the Geuzen were forced to retreat.


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is situated in what used to be the Haarlemmermeer.

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