Battle of El Albujón

The Battle of El Albujón was a confrontation between Bourbon troops under commandante Patricio Moran and corporal José Hernández and an English force backed by troops loyal to Charles VI. It took place on 21 September 1706 and formed part of the War of the Spanish Succession. It took part in the El Albujón district of the Spanish town of Cartagena and ended in a Bourbon victory. With the victory at the battle of Murcia, it led to the reconquest of Cartagena and evidenced the failure of the Austrian campaign in the kingdom of Murcia, a region of Castile.

Battle of El Albujón
Part of the War of the Spanish Succession
Monumento conmemorativo de la batalla del Albujón (20210417 134632).jpg
Memorial of the battle, work of the sculptor Pedro José García Andreo (2006).
Date21 September 1706
El Albujón district, Cartagena (Spain)
Result Victory for Philip V
Spain Spanish loyal to Philip V Spain Spanish loyal to Archduke Charles
supported by:
Kingdom of England England


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