The Battle of Domažlice (Czech: Bitva u Domažlic) or Battle of Taus (German: Schlacht bei Taus) or Battle of Tausch was fought on 14 August 1431 as the part of the 5th crusade against Hussites. The crusade was sent to Bohemia after negotiations, held in Pressburg and Cheb, between Hussites and the emperor Sigismund had failed.

Battle of Domažlice
Part of the Hussite Wars (The fifth anti-Hussite crusade)
Cardinal Cesarini on the retreat from battle
Retreat of Catholic forces at Battle of Domažlice, romantic painting
Date14 August 1431
Result Decisive Hussite victory


Hussite coalition

Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Commanders and leaders
Frederick of Brandenburg
Cardinal Cesarini
Jindřich of Plavno
Jan Vircburský
Albert II of Germany
Prokop the Bald
Sigismund Korybut
30,000–50,000 20,000
Casualties and losses
>1,500 unknown


Iconic battle between Hussites and Catholic crusaders, probably Battle of Domažlice, illustration from the Jena codex (15th century)
Hussites persecuting the German soldiers after the Battle of Domažlice, romantic painting

According to legend, the Imperial army was besieging the city of Domažlice since 8 August, when the sight of the approaching and singing Hussite relief army led by Prokop the Bald and hearing their battle hymn "Ktož jsú boží bojovníci" ("Ye Who are Warriors of God"), led to mass panicking among the crusaders, who fled through the Bohemian Forest. The Hussites immediately set after the fleeing Imperial army and annihilated its remnants. Reportedly, 8,000 wagons and all the equipment of the crusaders were captured. The crusader army was accompanied by papal legate Julian Cesarini who escaped, but lost all of his luggage in the retreat, including the secret correspondence and the Papal bull charging him to hire crusaders.[1]


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