Battle of Ctesiphon (165)

The Battle of Ctesiphon in 165 AD was part of the wider Roman-Parthian Wars. The Parthians had tried but failed to take Armenia in the previous years, but a Roman counter-attack saw them lay a successful siege and capture of Ctesiphon.

Battle of Ctesiphon (165)
Part of the Parthian war of Lucius Verus
Result Roman victory
Roman Empire Parthian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Avidius Cassius Vologases IV
Capable of raising many soldiers Capable of raising many soldiers
Casualties and losses
Heavy Heavy


Like the previous invasion attempts, the Romans made no attempt at permanently occupying Ctesiphon. In the end, the Parthians managed to re-group. However, the Parthians were becoming steadily weaker, with more concessions given to the Roman Empire and the Parthian nobles and vassal kingdoms.